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Kosiorek Farms

10922 Hill Rd

Wattsburg, PA 16442


John and Martha - 814.825.3854


Tim, Jammi, Graci Mae and Tanner - 814.434.4490

(All late evening calls, please call Tim.)

Terms & Conditions


• Kosiorek Farms will ask for a 10% nonrefundable deposit. The buyer has one week (7 days) to make this deposit. After the seventh day cattle are "for sale" once again. The remainder of the price is due at pickup. Cattle cannot leave the property until they are paid for in full, unless prior arrangements have been made.

• All bulls and females are sold as guaranteed breeders if the buyer purchases the livestock solely for reproductive purposes. If the buyer has proof that the breeding animal(s) is not productive at 24 months of age, Kosiorek Farms will refund the original purchase amount or make a trade of equal value. Livestock that have been exhibited or have been displayed will not come with a breeding guarantee from Kosiorek Farms.

• All cattle are guaranteed sound when picked up from Kosiorek Farms. Due to many factors that we cannot control such as, housing, feeding strategies, management, etc. , Kosiorek Farms will only guarantee soundness and structural correctness while in our care. Structural correctness and soundness are viewed in the eye of the seller.

• All sales are final.

• All cattle/calves will be crept fed, broke to tie, vaccinated, wormed, castrated (if buyer chooses), and dehorned. Dehorning provided by Kosiorek Farms is not cosmetic. The buyer has the option to take the calf elsewhere for other forms of dehorning.

• Kosiorek Farms would like to see all cattle picked up no later than October of the year sold.

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